Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This year in Tech Ed

I've looked at my Tech Ed notes from last year, the length of time I thought a project would take (and the length it actually took) as well as some that needed to be changed entirely. Also, having most of the students last year, I think I know some of the topics that we're going to be tackling. One in particular has me really excited, and I eluded to it in a prior post.

This year we'll be taking a harder look at programming. The theme of my Technology Education class is already looking at how technology has changed society and how society is changing technology -- we're going to spend more time on Scratch and hopefully work our way into the Android inventor app from Google Labs (I hope to get started before they close it). The idea is to increase logical thinking and have some fun while we do it. If we can get into actual coding, that would be great, but for now I'm just hoping to get started with it.

This should be fun!

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