Friday, July 29, 2011

New year, do I regret the change?

So 9 years ago I returned to college and got my M.Ed in elementary education and began working in the public school system after receiving my degree. Making the career shift from a software engineer to a public school teacher was an interesting change of direction for me. While I don't regret my decision, I really do like my job, I have to admit that I do have bouts of missing the engineering world.

This year, my younger son is starting his freshman year at college, enrolled as an animation, graphics, and game programming major. As he's been playing with different types of application programming (HTML5 and Flash) it's brought back many memories of when I was in college as a computer science major. While the technology, languages, hardware, has certainly changed...oh to be sitting in my dorm room with my trusty C=64 writing (ok, and playing) games. I know you can't go back, but...sigh...